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Meet Our Founder

Hello! I'm Gopi Krishna, the founder of and a SEBI-registered research analyst with a mechanical engineering degree and an MBA. My professional journey includes working at ICICI Direct, NJ Wealth, and Dezerv in 2024.

The Journey

When I started my career at ICICI Direct in 2018, like many beginners, I was told that mutual funds could easily give 15% returns and that index funds were not as good as active funds. Believing this, I invested in the highly-rated HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund from ICICI Direct recommended list. However, the fund underperformed the Midcap index in both 2018 and 2019.

The Realization

Thinking that ICICI Direct didn’t teach me well, I switched to NJ Wealth in 2019, hoping to learn more about selecting mutual funds. Unfortunately, the situation was the same. My job was to train distributors who were more focused on high commissions and selling NFOs for double commissions rather than worrying about selecting best mutual funds and solving underperformance. Then i realized the industry had a big problem.

The Problem

  • Lack of Methodology: There was no specific methodology for selecting mutual funds. Everyone followed star ratings.
  • Focus on Commissions: Advisors and distributors were more concerned about earning commissions than selecting the best funds.
  • Investor Awareness: In 2020, direct mutual funds were not popular, and investors were not well-informed.

Our Solution

In 2021, I founded to develop an algorithm to identify future best-performing mutual funds and to promote direct mutual funds.

  • Data-Driven Approach: We gathered mutual fund price data from 1991-2021. I hired a developer, calculated rolling returns, average returns, risk parameters, and backtested every strategy I found on the internet. But there is no relation found between best and worst mutual fund.
  • Manual Analysis: Despite being told that mutual fund prediction was impossible, I manually analyzed the data. After 11 months, I discovered a pattern among the best-performing funds in history. This pattern is detailed in our ebook, there are 50 funds that displayed the same pattern it before delivering exceptional returns for the next 5+ years.

Our Mission

At iNVESTT, our mission is to generate higher returns than the index for our investors by making them invest in direct mutual funds. We are not just an advisory platform; our in-house research helps us understand how and why a mutual fund performs.

We focus on understanding the behaviour of mutual funds instead of blindly believing in star ratings. We have a proven approach that delivers returns without relying on hope.

Our Commitment

  • Unbiased Advice: We don’t have any bias; we work solely for your best interest
  • Proven Strategy: Our approach is based on thorough research and proven strategies, not guesswork.
  • Investor-Centric: We prioritize the financial well-being of our investors over commissions and ratings.

Join us at, where we are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals with confidence and clarity.

Our Vision

Our Vision at is to change the mutual fund investment world by providing a reliable, data-driven method for selecting high-return mutual funds. We aim to fill the gap in the industry by offering thorough, unbiased analysis and guidance, helping investors get better returns than index funds.

We are committed to being transparent, honest, and always improving. Our platform evolves with the market to deliver the best results for our users. Whether you're saving for your child's education, planning for retirement, or just looking to grow your wealth, is here to support you.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.